Why is my house not selling?

This question comes up frequently and a homeowner is always left saying “What’s wrong with my house.” This question can usually be answered by examining three key factors: Price, Condition and Marketing. If your house is not selling, it is because of one of these 3 reasons. We will explain why and how this happens and also, how we can help in this situation.


The initial price of the house is one of the main reasons why a house takes too long to sell. A good realtor will help you price the home correctly to sell quickly. The problem is that many realtors make common mistakes when pricing a home, which creates a greater risk of you losing out on being offered a higher price point for your home. The longer the house stays on the market, the less desirable it becomes. Homebuyers tend to lead with their emotions and this causes them to pass over your home because it was priced too high initially and has now become a “stale” listing. Avoid this buy consulting an experienced real estate professional who is familiar with the area in which your home is located.


There are many different marketing aspects that help market your home to potential homebuyers. The use of the internet has made it easier to market home if done currently. It also presents the opportunity for your home to be lost in the large sea of other listings if it does not have any qualities that make it stand out. This includes the photos as well as the curb appeal of your home.


A home’s condition is the last factor that matters when selling a home. Houses are expected to have normal wear and tear over the years, but too much can worry a potential buyer. The meat and potatoes of the house (the HVAC system) is one of the more important parts of the house that a buyer will look at closely. The exterior and interior structure is also an important part of the house that can entice or scare a buyer away.

Where we come in!

All of these potential issues can cause unwanted stress and can also be time consuming as a seller. Why would anyone want to deal with these situations when there is an alternative? Absolute Real Estate Investment has over 15 years of experience is the Real Estate world! Our trained professionals make your situation hassle free and we can make you a cash offer immediately. We take care of all the closing costs and all of the title work. You walk away quickly with cash in hand and forget about stress that your current home could have caused you here. We are here to help. We buy houses in Philadelphia, Delaw

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